Tastes of hometown, Itsukaichi—Our specialty with a history of over 50 years and devoted researches.
A skillful handling of a knife and grilling a fish. The results of the trainings—The freshest eels with the esoteric sauce…This is exquisite.
A dynamic heating power arouses your appetite! Our proud Chinese cuisine grabs hearts of the locals in Itsukaichi through their stomachs.
Deep-fried pork cutlet rice bowl, in other words, “the king of lunch”
Characteristics of eggs differ depending on seasons. Chefs’ abilities to assess those differences and to confine the delicious taste in foods.

A restaurant with a variety of choices and foods near Akigawa Gorge
We are waiting for you with excellent sushi, eel, and Chinese cuisine which the chefs in each specialty cook.

What we take pride in is selected ingredients and our chefs’ skills which have been refined for over 50 years. Moreover, we have a great variety of menu items that you will not find anywhere else. What we have been aiming at is “to be a restaurant deeply loved by the locals and people who visit this area,” and our goal has been achieved by having a great variety of menu items. In our history of over 50 years, we have always devoted ourselves to serve according to customers’ requests each time. Thanks to our valuable customers, many fans enjoy our proud sushi, eel, Chinese cuisine, and set meals. We will always do our best, so that customers will think “I want to eat something good. Oh yeah! Why don’t we go to Otowasushi!”

Our kingdom of gourmets serves various foods to the customers, and it is supported by the credible suppliers. They supply fresh and high-quality fish, meat, and vegetables. In addition to the supplied ingredients, we always assort the best ingredients based on our chefs’ connoisseur which has been refined for a long time. Our restaurant is registered as “a restaurant using local ingredients of Tokyo (certificated by Tokyo Prefecture)” due to our passion to local produce. Please enjoy our cuisine using local vegetables such as “Danbee soup” and local brand beef “Akigawa beef.”

We have detailed information about menu items, history of our restaurant, introduction of the suppliers and so forth in each category, so please do have a look.

More than 50 years have passed since we have come to Itsukaichi. — A young boy who loved our fried rice now became a good father, and he still enjoys our same-old fried rice. Moreover, there is a boy next to him who exactly looks like the past father, and he also seems to enjoy the same fried rice. It is our great pleasure to see these moments. We appreciate many customers who have supported our restaurant for the past 50 years, and find it meaningful to continue our restaurant for a long time. We will do our best, so that our restaurant will be always loved in this area, and spend another 50 years with you.

As precious memories of Musashi-Itsukaichi for travelers and as fun times in a daily life for the locals, please enjoy our various proud cuisine with elaborately selected ingredients based on our chefs’ connoisseur and craftsmanship. We are looking forward to seeing you.