※Include Tax

Prix-Fixe Menus & All You Can Drink

Prix-fixe menus with all you can drink for 2 hours are available for more than 4 people.
In case you want to have karaoke, please notify us when you make a reservation. (First come, first served)
As it is a plan with alcohol, it is limited to adults only groups

3,850Yen Prix-Fixe Menu

  • Salad for the Day
  • 2 to 3 Chinese Dishes
  • Scattered Sushi with Various Ingredients etc

4,400Yen Prix-Fixe Menu

  • Salad for the Day
  • 2 to 3 Chinese Dishes
  • Tokyo Style Hand-Shaped Sushi etc

5,500Yen Prix-Fixe Menu

  • Salad for the Day
  • Assorted Sashimi
  • 3 Chinese Dishes
  • Tokyo Style Hand-Shaped Sushi etc


  • Salad for the Day
  • Assorted Sashimi
  • 3 Chinese Dishes
  • Tokyo Style Hand-Shaped Sushi etc

We can also arrange other prix-fixe menus. (Such as 4000 yen, 5000 yen etc.)
The content of the course meal may change depending on the season.(With hot pot dishes in winter etc.)

All You Can Drink

Drink Menu

A bottle beer (regular size) and alcohol-free beer 1 item for 1 person
Barreled Sparkling Wine (Limited quantity) /Shochu (First Class), Imojochu
Sake (Cold・Hot), Local sake Kisho (Limited amount)
※Other liquors are not local produce.
Wine (Red・White)/ Scotch Whisky (Mixed with Water・Carbonated Water etc.) /Mix with…Lemon Juice
Non-Alcoholic Drinks…Oolong Tea ,Green Tea, Orange Juice, Coke

※Local sake Kisho and sparkling wine are not eligible for courses under 4,000 yen.

※Regarding Seats Please choose from sitting at a chair seat or sitting on tatami mats with Japanese cushions.
※Regarding Karaoke Karaoke on demand is available. Reservation basis, all you can sing until 9pm.
※Regarding Chinese Dishes
Please choose one item from stir-fried shrimp in chili sauce, Chinese dish with fried egg and crab, stir-fried sweet and sour pork and vegetables, crispy noodles with seafood, chop suey, Mapo tofu, or stir-fried spinach. Under 4,000 yen prix-fixe menu doesn’t have this option.

Regarding Seats on the Second Floor

Maximum of 48 People
Feel free to choose from sitting at a chair seat or sitting on tatami mats.
Please check “restaurant information” for detailed information about inside of the restaurant.

For Significant Buddhist Memorial Services,Traditional Japanese Multiple Course Meal for Buddhist Memorial Services

5,500 yen
(Basic Prix-Fixe Menu)

6,050 yen
(Akigawa Beef Prix-Fixe Menu)

6,600 yen
(Akigawa Beef Prix-Fixe Menu)

※Our traditional Japanese multiple course meal for Buddhist memorial services has sashimi, tempura, and Tokyo style hand-shaped sushi.

Traditional Japanese multiple course meal for celebration, meeting with friends, social gathering meetings, and over drinks.

5,500 yen
(Basic Prix-Fixe Menu)

6,050 yen
(Akigawa Beef Prix-Fixe Menu)

6,600 yen
(Akigawa Beef Prix-Fixe Menu)

※You can also have one Chinese dish in the traditional Japanese multiple course meal.

Big Japanese and Chinese dishes prix-fixe menus. Let's share big dishes together.

3,300 yen
(Only Chinese Dishes )

3,300 yen
(Chinese, Sushi)

3,850 yen
(Chinese, Sashimi, Sushi)

4,400 yen
(Chinese, Sashimi, Sushi)

4,950 yen
(Chinese, Sashimi, Sushi)

Food of Regarding Seats on the Second Floor


In case your order is less than 2000 yen, we take extra 100 yen as a delivery fee. Include tax.


Delivery Area: Only in Itsukaichi


Ramen Noodle Soup560yen
Medium-Large Size Ramen Noodle Soup820yen
Chinese-Style Stir-Fried Vegetable Noodle Soup720yen
Bean Sprouts Soba720yen
Wonton Soup660yen
Wonton Noodle Soup820yen
Miso Flavored Ramen Noodle Soup820yen
Spicy Miso Ramen Noodle Soup870yen
Miso Flavored Ramen Noodle Soup with Grilled Pork (Chashu)1,340yen
Japanese Noodle Soup Topped with a Variety of Ingredients 820yen
Cantonese Noodle Soup820yen
Grilled Pork Ramen Noodle Soup (Chashu)1,080yen
Fried Noodle720yen
Crispy Noodles820yen
Chinese-Style Stir-Fried Vegetable and Seafood Noodle Soup1,230yen
Crispy Noodles with Seafood1,230yen

※Large Size Noodle, Bamboo Shoots, Scallion, Seaweed
Each topping 100 yen

Rice Dishes Others

Fried Rice720yen
Large Size Fried Rice890yen
Crab Fried Rice920yen
Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl920yen
Deep-Fried Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl920yen
Bowl of Rice Topped with a Chop-Suey-like Mixture820yen
Innards Stew Set Meal900yen
Fried Dumplings (5 pieces)410yen
Stir-Fried Liver and Chinese Chives670yen
Stir-Fried Vegetables and Meat670yen
Mapo Tofu
Stir-Fried Garlic Shoots
for 2 Servings 1,860yen

Rice Dishes Others

Stir-Fried Sweet and Sour Pork and Vegetables
Chop Suey with Seafood
Chinese Dish with Fried Egg and Crab
Fried Chicken
Stir-Fried Shrimp in Chili Sauce
for 2 Servings 2,460 yen
3 Servings 3,690yen
(We recommend you to make a reservation. )

※Large portion of rice needs extra 110 yen.
※Large portion of Fried rice needs extra 170 yen.


Supreme Sushi3,090yen
Sushi (Premium)2,260yen
Sushi (Special)1,950yen
Special Scattered Sushi2,160yen
Standard Scattered Sushi1,540yen
Special Bowl of Rice Topped with Sliced Raw Tuna3,090yen
Regular Bowl of Rice Topped with Sliced Raw Tuna1,900yen
Assorted Sushi2,160yen
(A set meal of hand-shaped sushi, scattered sushi, and sashimi)
Vinegared Rice Wrapped in Deep-Fried Bean Curd and Dried Ground Sushi Roll 870yen
Vinegary Rice Wrapped in Deep-Fried Bean Curd (4 pieces)660yen
Dried Ground Sushi Roll and Hand-Shaped Japanese Style-Chunky Omelet Sushi 870yen
Dried Ground Sushi Roll770yen
Cucumber Sushi Roll770yen
Japanese Basil and Sour Plum Sushi Roll770yen
Fermented Soybean (Natto) Sushi Roll 920yen
Thick Sushi Roll1,210yen
Thick Sushi Roll (Half Size)660yen
Tuna Sushi Roll1,640yen
Minced Tuna and Scallion Sushi Roll2,160yen
Kids Sushi(With Desert)1,080yen
Bowl of Rice with Sashimi on Top(With an Appetizer in a Small Bowl)1,130yen
※A bowl of vinegared rice with some recommended sashimi for the day on top.


Broiled Eel
Premium Unaju (1 fish)
Regular Unaju (Half of a fish)

※We use famous eels from Lake Hamana.
※Please ask for the price, because it changes depending on supply.

Japanese Set Meal

Tuna with Grated Japanese Yam Set Meal1,130yen
Finely Chopped Horse Mackerel Set Meal1,130yen
Assorted Sashimi Set Meal1,330yen
Tuna Sashimi Set Meal1,330yen


Assorted Sashimi (1 Serving ~)1,900yen

Catering Services

We accept catering services every day except for every Wednesday. Phone Number: 042-596-0009 (Except for 2pm to 4pm)

Catering Services

Main Venues

  • Akiruno Rupiah Hall
  • Rupiah Assemble Room (Japanese Style Room)
  • Rupiah Industrial Information Training Room
  • Rupiah Meeting Room
  • Itsukaichi Hall, Meeting Rooms Where You Can Eat and Drink

So Forth

Restaurant Using Special Ingredients of Tokyo

We use seasonal vegetables from Akiruno and eggs from Itsukaichi.

Japanese・Western・Chinese Buffet Or sharing big dishes on each table

Japanese・Western・Chinese Buffet Or sharing big dishes on each table

1 Serving

<Examples of Menu Items>

Salad, Deep-fried Meals, Marinated Fresh Fish, Sandwiches, Fried Noodles with Seafood, Sushi, Home-made Pizza, Desserts like Cakes

Meals in a Box

Meals in a Box

1 Serving

<Examples of Menu Items>

Assorted Two Kinds of Sashimi, Salad, Broiled Foods, Vinegared Foods, Steamed Vegetables, Tempura, Chinese Foods, Soba, Hand-Shaped Sushi, Desserts

Mainly Japanese Meals

Mainly Japanese Meals

1 Serving

<Examples of Menu Items>

Three Appetizers, Salad, Assorted Two Kinds of Sashimi, Home-made Roast Beef, Soba, Chinese Foods, Hand-Shaped Sushi, Desserts

※Regarding Menu Items We can arrange menu items according to your requests.
※Regarding Meals・Drinks Meals have one bottle of beer. Other all you can drink
※Examples of other drinks: Sake (Hot・Cold), Shochu (First Class・Potatoes), Wine, Whisky, Plum Wine, Shochu Based Cocktails, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Coke, Orange Juice and so forth.
※Regarding Schedules and So Forth The female specialized staff will attend at a meeting deciding meals, the place, and schedules and so forth. Feel free to ask her about the budget and other concerns.
※We cannot accept your request depending on our schedules.